SGA talks recruitment and admissions, request more efforts towards diversity

By Stephanie Purifoy

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Class of 2020 President Christopher Henderson-West said Emerson should put forth a greater effort to diversify recruitment at the Student Government Association’s meeting on April 10.

SGA hosted Director of Financial Aid Angela Grant and Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management Data and Analytics Eric Sykes to discuss the college’s admission and recruitment process.  

Sykes said the college recruits students from areas that contain the highest numbers of graduating high schoolers and from areas where a high number of applicants applied in the past.

Within these cities, Sykes said the college looks for places with affordable venues to host recruitment events. The school also checks for any an alumni connection in the area who could potentially host the event—saving the college money.   

“I completely understand being cost effective and trying to find diversity. But at what point do you sacrifice students for cost?” Henderson-West said.

Sykes said the school engaged in conversations about the lack of scholarships for people of color—a point brought up last semester in the petition created by Protesting Oppression with Educational Reform.


“There are multiple difficulties there,” he said. “Part of it is the cost factor. In terms of financial awards, the cost to move that needle of diversity is very high, and it means shifting money into different areas and would affect students that are currently here.”

On the admissions side, Sykes said Emerson provides diversity and cultural competency training to everyone who reviews applications.

SGA also approved two appeals.

EVVY awards received $30,148 for rental of the Cutler Majestic Theatre, walkie-talkies for the crew, lights, and set equipment with a vote of 10 yes and one abstention. SGA also granted Emerson International $1,557 to purchase food for their international food festival on April 13 with a vote of 10 yes and one abstention.