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Letter: Closing of Marlboro College breaches duty and trust

By Dan Daly, Marlboro College Alum

Dan Daly is a graduate of Marlboro College residing in Camden, Maine.

It seems like writing at this juncture about Marlboro College is a bit like that scene in the movie Chinatown (1974). This appears to be a “Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown,” situation where, like in the movie, there is nothing that can be done. The powers that be have done the deal, but I will make the point that the closing of the college appears to be a breach of duty and trust.

How is it that when I went to Marlboro in the sixties the endowment was a fraction of what it is now and the student body considerably less than the current enrollment, yet somehow the current administration finds the present college model terminally unviable? The administration is seemingly eager to dissolve an institution that has long contributed to the economic and cultural well-being of the State of Vermont and send considerable assets to Massachusetts. Surely at least some of those assets could be used to aggressively fund alternatives before a final closing.

Something just seems amiss and I am hopeful that the office of Attorney General will be looking carefully into this transaction.

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Letter: Closing of Marlboro College breaches duty and trust