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The cast in The
production of The
Bluest Eye by Lydia
R. Diamond. Photo: T Charles Erickson.

Huntington Theatre Company puts on Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye”

By Hannah Nguyen, Editor At Large
February 10, 2022

As someone who has never read Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye,” I found that the play adaptation at the Huntington Theater Company to be a compassionately presented racial trauma. The show, directed...

Photo: Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo.

Emerson Stage puts on Pulitzer Prize winning musical ‘Next to Normal’

By Payton Cavanaugh
February 3, 2022

Content Warning: This article contains mentions of mental illness. “They’re the perfect loving family, so adoring,” Senior Roberta Alaman, playing the role of Diana Goodman, sang to open the show. From...

Tim Davis (left), Jane Lynch (middle), and Kate Flannery (right) performing A Swinging Little Christmas at City Winery, with The Tony Guerrero Quintet on the instruments.

Thank you, Jane Lynch for beautifully commencing Christmas

By Mariyam Quaisar, Editor In Chief
December 9, 2021

On Wednesday Dec. 8, I walked into the City Winery with the brightest smile plastered across my face. Want to know why? Jane Lynch’s “A Swingin Little Christmas.” The show is named for the former...

Production Iphigenia at the Cutler Majestic theater.

You are all that the myth can’t bear: ArtsEmerson hosts Iphagenia’s world premiere

By Payton Cavanaugh
November 18, 2021

On Nov. 13, I watched “Iphigenia,” an opera that tells a new rendition of the well-known Greek Myth Iphigenia at Aulis, in the Cutler Majestic theater hosted by ArtsEmerson. The show left me with many...

Tell your boyfriend if he says he’s got beef, to take it up with 3OH!3

Tell your boyfriend if he says he’s got beef, to take it up with 3OH!3

By Kaitlyn Fehr, Chief Copyeditor
November 12, 2021

By all accounts, seeing 3OH!3 in the year 2021 was supposed to be a meme. I wanted desperately to go to a concert after going two years without seeing one, and decided that the iconic band from my middle...

WILLOW performing her new album.

11 years later, I’m still whipping my hair to Willow

By Karissa Schaefer, Staff Writer, Living Arts
October 21, 2021

In 2011, I vividly remember using my iPod touch voice memos to record WILLOW’s “21st Century Girl” off YouTube. I’d repeatedly replay it, singing along while on my trampoline. Now, 10 years later,...

The Jonas Brothers performing at Fenway Park.

The Jonas Brothers blew up Fenway Park

By Shannon Garrido, Content Managing Editor
October 6, 2021

You don't have to be a 12-year-old girl with the pitch of a hyena to be a Jonas Brothers fan, some of us are 19-year-old girls and our voices resemble the screams of a castrated goat. The Jonas Brothers’...

Jacqueline Novak performing her stand-up show, Get On Your Knees.

‘Get On Your Knees’ will have you standing on your feet

By Campbell Parish
September 23, 2021

After 18 months of not attending in-person performances, I'm glad that Jaqueline Novak was the one who welcomed me back for my first in-person show.  "Get On Your Knees," Novak’s one-woman show was...

Shaukat Ajmeri’s ‘Keepers of the Faith’ illustrates the realities of love and life

Shaukat Ajmeri’s ‘Keepers of the Faith’ illustrates the realities of love and life

By Mariyam Quaisar, Editor In Chief
April 21, 2021

“Keepers of the Faith,” published last April and written by author Shaukat Ajmeri, tells the tale of two Bohri Muslims, set in India and the United States. Mixing elements of history, sociology, romance,...

Cured (2020) is an American documentary directed by Bennett Singer and Patrick Sammon.

Film review: ‘Cured’ reminds us the necessity of LGBTQ+ activism

By Joshua Sokol, Staff Writer
November 11, 2020

After four years of the Trump administration rolling back LGBTQ+ protections, particularly those protecting the trans community, documentaries like Cured, which will be available through PBS later this...

Beacon Archives

Students deserve transparent sexual assault statistics

By Editorial Board
September 25, 2019

On Wednesday, the college disseminated its annual Clery Report through a campus-wide email. The 57-page-long report details both the criminal offenses brought forth on all three Emerson campuses in the...

Courtesy Sophian Ridel

ArtsEmerson Review: When Angels Fall illuminates the Cutler Majestic

By Ally Rzesa
February 23, 2019

A woman dangles midair above the audience, hanging from a horizontal, crane-like construction bar while she is connected only by her feet. As the bar shifts its right side toward the sky and left side...

Alex Alpharoah portrays the stories of Dreamers in the one man show WET: A DACAmented Journey. Courtesy of Ray Shaw

Review: ArtsEmerson’s one-man show documents realities of DACA

By Ally Rzesa
November 18, 2018

I sprung to my feet at the end of ArtsEmerson’s WET: A DACAmented Journey. I watched a Tupac-loving teenage girl, a Spanglish-speaking mother, a Guatemalan consulate worker, and many more tell one story...

Natalie Busch. Graphic by Ally Rzesa / Beacon Staff

A Star is Born: Bradley Cooper’s vanity project

By Natalie Busch
October 28, 2018

Elle chose Lady Gaga as one of its 2018 Women in Hollywood honorees last week. In her acceptance speech she said, “[Women] are not just objects to entertain the world … We have deep thoughts and...

Ollie West stars in Hamnet, playing at the Paramount Theatre through Oct. 7 / Courtesy of Gianmarco Bresadola

Review: Hamnet rises to greatness on Paramount stage

By Ally Rzesa
October 3, 2018

I went into Hamnet expecting a straightforward, one-man play about Shakespeare’s son. I figured it’d play around with Shakespeare’s family life or twist the meaning of Hamlet quotes similar to my...

The White Card runs until April 1. Photo by Lala Thaddeus.

Review: The White Card gets a green light

By Ally Rzesa
March 28, 2018

The minute you step into the white room, The White Card’s set, constructed on the Paramount stage, you enter a mirror. The sleek chairs, the glass projectors, and everything around you reflects...

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