Welcome back to the reality of living in Boston

By Chris Van Buskirk

Light snow blanketed downtown Boston Saturday as students and residents experienced a renewed winter wonderland following a weekend of spring-like temperatures.

A forecast for the night detailed a total nighttime snow accumulation of three to five inches with clouds clearing around mid-morning Sunday, according to the National Weather Service. The temperature dropped to 21 Fahrenheit at 9:40 p.m.

Scenes on Boston Common harked back to early December when the college delayed the start of classes due to inclement weather. This time around, students can rest easy knowing they have two more days before classes start for the week.

One group of individuals played with their small dog Saturday night, taking photos of the pup as it frolicked through the snow in Boston Common. The dog seemed to enjoy the powdery snowflakes falling from the sky.

Others didn’t seem to share the same fascination as they buried their heads in large, puffy jackets to brace the wind and cold.

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