FAB approves $5,000 for Senior Week

FAB approves $5,000 for Senior Week

By Diana Bravo, Copyeditor/Photographer

The Student Government Association Financial Advisory Board unanimously approved a $5,000 appeal from the Class of 2019 council to fund Senior Week festivities before commencement on May 12.

Class of 2019 President Ally MacLean said the class council plans to use $3,000 of the $5,000 they appealed for to fund the catering at the faculty farewell to students on May 6. The event combines a champagne toast and a lunch with a chance for students and faculty to mingle and say goodbye to each other. MacLean asked for the extra $2,000 to help fund other events if necessary.

“I’m so excited because now we can do the things we wanted to do and be able to keep Senior Week affordable,” MacLean said in an interview.

The Class of 2019 council plans to fund the rest of senior week with ticket sales from three other events—a bowling event at Lucky Strike with a cash bar where students would pay for their own drinks on May 7, a karaoke brunch on May 8, and a takeover event at the New England Aquarium on May 9. The brunch and the aquarium both cost $10 per person, and the event at Lucky Strike costs $15. Tickets to all three events are on sale in Walker 411 from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.