FAB approves over $4,500 in appeal requests


An SGA meeting. Photo credit: Yongze Wang

By Charlie McKenna

The Financial Advisory Board, in a meeting that lasted approximately 15 minutes, voted Thursday to approve a spring annual budget request from Theyta, an on-campus multicultural organization for gender non-conforming students.

The request totaled $1,504.98 and will enable Theyta to bring guest speakers to campus.

Theyta Co-President Ray Geo said in the meeting that the greek organization is trying to make Emerson’s campus more accessible for trans and non-binary students.

“We’re working towards trying to make Emerson’s campus more friendly because we like to pretend that it’s 100 percent trans-friendly,” they said.

In an interview following the meeting, Executive Treasurer Abigail Semple praised Theyta for their work to provide students who identify as nonbinary with spaces on campus.

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“What they do by bringing in people who identify using third-person pronouns into their spaces, [such as] to talk about professional careers, is an invaluable experience for students that are going to be entering into the workforce,” she said.

FAB also voted over email Tuesday night to approve a $3,315 appeal request from Sigma Pi Theta after declining to vote at their prior meeting due to a lack of firm financial quotes from the group.

Sigma Pi Theta will use the funding for its annual HerStory formal at the end of March.

Correction 2/29/2020: A previous version of this article stated that Theyta is a Fraternity and Sorority Life organization. The story has been updated to reflect that Theyta is an on-campus multicultural organization.