FAB approves over $4,500 in appeal requests


An SGA meeting. Photo credit: Yongze Wang

By Charlie McKenna

The Financial Advisory Board, in a meeting that lasted approximately 15 minutes, voted Thursday to approve a spring annual budget request from Theyta, an on-campus multicultural organization for gender non-conforming students.

The request totaled $1,504.98 and will enable Theyta to bring guest speakers to campus.

Theyta Co-President Ray Geo said in the meeting that the greek organization is trying to make Emerson’s campus more accessible for trans and non-binary students.

“We’re working towards trying to make Emerson’s campus more friendly because we like to pretend that it’s 100 percent trans-friendly,” they said.

In an interview following the meeting, Executive Treasurer Abigail Semple praised Theyta for their work to provide students who identify as nonbinary with spaces on campus.

“What they do by bringing in people who identify using third-person pronouns into their spaces, [such as] to talk about professional careers, is an invaluable experience for students that are going to be entering into the workforce,” she said.

FAB also voted over email Tuesday night to approve a $3,315 appeal request from Sigma Pi Theta after declining to vote at their prior meeting due to a lack of firm financial quotes from the group.

Sigma Pi Theta will use the funding for its annual HerStory formal at the end of March.

Correction 2/29/2020: A previous version of this article stated that Theyta is a Fraternity and Sorority Life organization. The story has been updated to reflect that Theyta is an on-campus multicultural organization.