FAB finalizes funding criteria for affiliated, funded organizations

FAB finalizes funding criteria for affiliated, funded organizations

By Diana Bravo, Assistant News Editor

The Student Government Association Financial Advisory Board finalized new guidelines at their Thursday meeting to ensure organizations act in a manner acceptable to SGA to receive funding.

The revisions come after SGA changed the organization recognition process to a separate official recognition status—now known as college affiliation—and the ability to receive a budget or to appeal for money.

“Now that the affiliation process has changed, we as a Financial Advisory Board manage determining which organizations receive funding and how much they receive,” Executive Treasurer Ian Mandt said at the meeting.

FAB started the discussion at their Jan. 24 meeting and they unanimously voted to approve the drafted changes on Thursday.

The approved guidelines that include language changes since organizations are now “affiliated with the college” instead of “recognized by SGA.” The regulations also require organizations to detail future leadership plans to ensure the organization has a contingency plan.

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FAB also approved a new timeline for yearly budget requests for affiliated organizations applying for the first time. Applications open on Feb. 22 for newly affiliated organizations, while pre-existing organizations can start submitting their applications on Feb. 4. FAB will review all budget requests on Apr. 7.

At the same meeting, FAB recommended that SGA grant the Emerson College Polling Society’s appeal for $9,684 to attend a national conference on Apr. 3 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Polling Society President Isabel Holloway said this year marks the first time the Polling Society hopes to send students to the conference annually instead of occasionally having students who travel to the conference independently.

Because the request exceeds $5,000, the final approval lies with SGA Joint Session, whose next meeting is Tuesday, Feb. 5.