FAB grants $6,172 to student showcases

FAB grants $6,172 to student showcases

By Diana Bravo, Assistant News Editor

The Student Government Association Financial Advisory Board allocated a combined $6,172 to Emerson International and Kidding Around at the March 28 meeting.

Emerson International, the college’s international student association, received $2,685 to fund their International Student Art Showcase on April 1. After the event, Emerson International will make an anthology booklet for the Office of International Affairs to showcase the artists’ work once they graduate.

“I’m just hoping that people will enjoy the work that these students do and notice that maybe they should include more international students in their projects,” Caterina Aragon, president of Emerson International,  said in an interview.

Kidding Around, the college’s child-oriented theater group, appealed for $1,984 to fund their spring series of shows. The series includes a student-devised piece and a production of Tuck Everlasting. The series also includes a tour of workshops through the greater Boston area with stops at Boston Children’s Hospital and the Boston Public Library.

The organization appealed after their former treasurer failed to reimburse students in past semesters. This forced Kidding Around to back pay the students from last semester, which depleted their budget.

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Following the two appeals, $54,797 remains in the appeals account for SGA and FAB to allocate to organizations for the rest of the academic year.