IT apologizes to SGA for server crash, Workday issues


Photo: Xinyi Xu

Brian Basgen, then-Assistant Vice President of IT, at an SGA meeting in 2019.

By Andrew Brinker, Senior Investigative Reporter

The college’s IT department apologized to members of the Student Government Association Tuesday for a string of recent issues in the department.

Assistant Vice President of IT Brian Basgen acknowledged a server crash that delayed course registration Monday and complications with the college’s switch to a new software system.

The server crash early Monday halted the registration process for students with 92 credits or more, pushing back registration dates for all students at the college.

Basgen told SGA members that the newest in a series of updates to the college’s registration system, Banner, caused the issue. Basgen could not offer any more specifics on the cause of the crash.

“A failure during registration is not acceptable, and it’s a very big deal for us,” he said. “We obviously weren’t anticipating the failure.”

Basgen told SGA members the server crash is under investigation and the rest of registration should not be affected. 

Basgen also answered questions regarding the college’s summer transition to Workday, a software designed to manage finances and human resources.

Executive Treasurer Abigail Semple and Executive Secretary Julia Stantion noted that some student employees at the college have still not received payments for work this semester, a concern that appeared to come as a surprise to Basgen, who acknowledged payment issues earlier in the semester.

He explained that major software changes typically create a number of problems.

“When we change that [software] out, you’re really reinventing how the college functions from scratch,” he said. “And what that means is that the moment you go with that new system, for at least one year, if not multiple years, you’re still sort of working out the kinks learning as you go.”

Basgen told SGA that IT resolved most of the major issues with Workday.