Residents at the W Hotel moved off 12th floor


Jakob Menendez

A man walking past the W Hotel on Stuart St.

By Alec Klusza, Assistant News Editor

With less than a week of warning, students living on the 12th floor at the W Hotel packed their belongings last week and moved to a new room assignment on floors five through 11.

Emerson announced they would be moving all 17 student residents on the 12th floor of the W Hotel last weekend—consolidating the space the college is using in the building, in an email sent to 12th floor residents on Feb. 2. from Christie Anglade, director for housing and residential education. From Thursday, Feb. 4 to Sunday, Feb. 7, students moved their belongings to their new rooms assigned to them via the housing portal.

“After the start of the Spring semester, it became apparent that we had enough vacancies in the W Boston to consolidate the students who live there to fewer floors,” Christie Anglade said in an emailed statement to The Beacon. “Now, instead of occupying floors 5-12, we are occupying floors 5-11.

Rooms in the hotel vary in size and shape, Anglade said, but there was a conscious effort to keep aspects of the room—like the size of beds—consistent for students.