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Emerson College’s only independent, student-run newspaper since 1947

The Berkeley Beacon

Emerson College’s only independent, student-run newspaper since 1947

The Berkeley Beacon

The ongoing construction on Boylston St., intended to expand the sidewalk into the parking lane and add benches and planters, has been delayed until at least the end of the 2020-21 academic year.

Sidewalk expansion delayed indefinitely

By Charlie McKenna / July 16, 2020

The college’s sidewalk expansion project on Boylston St. is indefinitely delayed, according to a college official.  The sidewalk on the campus side...

Tatte and three other restaurants coming to campus in 2020

Tatte and three other restaurants coming to campus in 2020

By Dana Gerber, News Editor / January 10, 2020

The college announced four new restaurants coming to campus in 2020 and said they expected to finalize leases for two more in coming weeks, in an email...

Boston police detain an individual during the Straight Pride Parade. Photo by Montse Landeros / Beacon Correspondent

Top Ten Stories 2019: Everything from NBA team stuck in elevator to Marlboro merger

By Chris Van Buskirk, Former Editor-in-Chief/Emerson ‘21 / December 31, 2019
his year saw everything from the acquisition of a new college to a professional NBA team getting stuck in an elevator. With 2019 drawing to end in a few hours, senior editors at The Beacon compiled a list of their top ten stories of the year. All the lists were then averaged out to create the one here.
The college plans to expand the width of the sidewalk between Tremont St. and Boylston Pl.

Sidewalk expansion construction to begin Wednesday

By Tomas Gonzalez, Staff Writer/Photographer / September 20, 2019

Construction for the sidewalk expansion will begin on Sept. 25, according to an email sent to the community on Friday. According to the email, the college...

The expanded sidewalk will  include greenery, benches and bike racks.

College officials expect sidewalk construction to begin within weeks

By Belen Dumont, News Editor / September 5, 2019

The college expects to begin the first phase of construction on the sidewalk expansion project in the next few weeks, pending city approval. The concept,...

Katrina Chappie Chaput has worked as an RA in the Colonial dorm and at the Kasteel Well campus. Photo by Grayson Acquaviva / Beacon Staff

RA applications decrease despite high demand

By Flora Li / February 7, 2019

The number of resident assistant applicants dropped by approximately 10.5 percent for the 2019-2020 academic year, despite the demand for RAs increasing...

Watch: Students walkthrough The Commons during construction

Watch: Students walkthrough The Commons during construction

January 26, 2019

The college does not have a confirmed opening date for The Commons on 172 Tremont St., according to Director of the Campus Center Joshua Hamlin. Hamlin...

The expected reopening of the Little Building in August 2019 is still on track, according to Vice President and Dean for Campus Life James Hoppe.

Little Building construction goes on after hours

By Sydney Richelieu / November 15, 2018

The residence director of the Colonial residence hall continues to receive noise complaints from residents who share a wall with the Little Building construction...

The crane will remain on the Little Building till November or December. Photo: Daniel Peden / Beacon Staff

Large crane towers over Little Building

By Max Reyes / March 14, 2018

Suffolk Construction placed a 150-feet-tall tower crane on top of the Little Building construction site on Sunday as part of ongoing renovations. In...

Students and administrators meet for Colonial noise

By Max Reyes / February 17, 2018

Students and administrators discussed construction noise issues that have dogged the Colonial Building across two semesters at a forum on Thursday night. Colonial...

Students hear Colonial Theatre construction noise early in the morning. Photo : Hardik Pahwa/Berkeley Beacon

Noise rattles Colonial residents

By Gabriella Mrozowski / February 15, 2018

Jackhammers and construction noise wake up students living in Colonial Residence Hall instead of their alarm clocks. Residents said they are struggling...

Our housing options are not up to par

Our housing options are not up to par

By Editorial Board / February 15, 2018

At issue: Construction noise continues to interrupt student life Our take: Emerson owes students an explanation   Remember when the Paramount Center,...

The scaffolding on walker

Walker maintenance prompts scaffolding installation

By Max Reyes / February 14, 2018

Subcontractors removed pieces of Walker Building’s exterior this past weekend in preparation for future maintenance. Director of Construction...

Registrar William DeWolf will move to a new office in March. Photo: Mason Khan/ Berkeley Beacon

Registrar and Academic Advising relocate to Ansin Building

By Maysoon Khan / February 8, 2018

The Academic Advising Center and Office of the Registrar will move from the Union Bank Building to the fourth floor of Ansin Building, which is aimed...

 The new building looks over Boston Common and other Emerson buildings. Photo: Chris Van Buskirk/Berkeley Beacon

College hosts tours of new building, students look at building before construction

By Dylan Rossiter, Emerson '21 / February 5, 2018

  The college may dedicate its newest 172 Tremont St. building to student spaces. The Office of Student Engagement and Leadership led student...

For the three required years of on-campus housing, it is reasonable to expect a setting aligned with the college’s established policies.

The sound of silence: longing for some peace and quiet

By Hannah Ebanks / January 24, 2018

I spent fall semester living in a castle, so I knew that coming back to the Boston would be a challenge. I was excited to move into the Colonial Building,...

Editorial: Staff salaries are more important than real estate

By Editorial Board / November 9, 2017

At issue: Building acquisition amid union negotiations Our take: Now is not the time to snag another property The college announced their decision to...