Timeline: How COVID-19 transformed life at Emerson


Jakob Menendez

First year students left to right: Carrie Aubin, Chloe Shaar, Eva Charbonnnier, and Isabella Espejo, calling their parents about the college’s decision to shut the Boston campus down.

By Diti Kohli

In the year since the COVID-19 pandemic’s first wave swept through the city of Boston, students have been hit by a barrage of  life-altering emails and announcements.

There was the first news of Kasteel Well participants being shipped home to avoid the virus (March 2). The decision to shift classes online (March 10), followed by the choice to bring students back in the fall (June 10). The move to cancel athletic competition, time (July 14) and time again (Nov. 2). (It is coming back for the spring.)

Here is a timeline of the chaos that has defined the last year at Emerson.