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Incident Journal

The Incident Journal is provided to the Beacon weekly by the Emerson College Police Department. Beacon staff edit the Incident Journal for style and clarity, but not for content.

College acceptance rate declines, Hispanic population increases

According to documents provided by the college, Emerson’s Hispanic population increased 24 percent, or roughly 25 students, from last year.


Admissions takes steps toward diversity

According to documents provided by the college, Emerson’s Hispanic population increased 24 percent, or roughly 25 students, from last year.


Man shot on Boston Common

Students were told to lock and barricade their doors after both Emerson College and Boston police received reports of gunshots on the Boston Common around 6:50 p.m. on Tuesday.

College purchases Adobe Creative Cloud

Emerson College Information Technology said they provided the college with a campus-wide license for Adobe Creative Cloud because of the program’s cost to students.

College purchases Adobe Creative Cloud

Emerson College Information Technology said they provided the college with a campus-wide license for Adobe Creative Cloud because of the program’s cost to students.


Summer construction builds up student spaces

Emerson gained several new dining and social spaces as it lost the entirety of the Little Building to renovations this summer.

Emerson debuts new brand

Emerson started to roll out it's new brand on Wednesday on both the website and social media.


Inaccessible infrastructure limits students with disabilities

Song Park uses a walker to get around campus. He said a senior official assured him the administration would do everything they could to make the college accessible for him. But Park said he doesn’t feel that promise has been kept.


O'Malley urges focus on state elections

During his appearance at Emerson College, former presidential candidate Martin O’Malley described a future in a world where traditional structures of government and power were dissolving.


State Supreme Court justice recalls college’s influence on career

Sixteen years after nominating herself to the appeals court, Cypher repeated the process, this time for the Supreme Judicial Court. She was confirmed in March, meaning Governor Charlie Baker has appointed more than half of the seven justices on the bench—where Cypher will be sitting by April.

Emerson targeted by white nationalist emails

According to an email sent to the Emerson community by President M. Lee Pelton Saturday, over 500 students, faculty members, and staff received emails advocating the message of the White Genocide Project, an organization that describes immigration and diversity as a form of genocide against white people.

Alumna makes Massachusetts Supreme Court

Massachusetts Supreme Court Justice Margot Botsford stepped down Wednesday, making space for her replacement, Emerson College alumna Elspeth “Ellie” Cypher.

Best of Boston: Off-campus living

The Beacon's take on the neighborhoods of Boston and beyond.


Journalism grad runs for Virginia state office

Emerson alumnus and political candidate Chris Hurst hasn’t held public office before, but that hasn’t stopped him from acting as a public servant.

Pelton outlines protections for undocumented students

President M. Lee Pelton reiterated that the college would protect undocumented students in an email sent to the Emerson community Wednesday, but did not declare the college a sanctuary campus.

A front row seat to Patriots' glory

Beacon reporters spoke to Emerson students to get their thoughts on the Patriots' Super Bowl parade.

BPDA approves Fenway lease

City officials have approved Emerson’s proposal to lease property in Fenway to temporarily house students during campus construction.


Trip to DC protest funded by college offices

With support from the college, 48 students and two faculty members will attend the protest, not to mention students attending independently.


Boston students participate in classroom walkout

Emerson students participated in a walkout Monday organized by members of the Boston Public School system to urge Gov. Charlie Baker and Mayor Martin J. Walsh to protect interests they feel will be threatened by the Trump administration.


Class aims to improve Boylston-Tremont intersection

Three students started an online petition to add five seconds to the crossing as part of their Civic Art and Design Studio course taught by assistant professor Catherine D’Ignazio.


Sodexo shakes up dining services after complaints

“We’re committed to serving the highest quality meals we possibly can,” Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Campus Services Duncan Pollock said.

Cabaret and Fitness Center to move

The Cabaret theater and the Fitness Center will move from the Little Building to a building at the corner of Summer and Arch Streets, according to an email sent to the Emerson community from the directors of the Cabaret, the Fitness Center, and the Athletic Training Room.


Students march with anti-Trump protests

Emerson students joined the thousands who marched through downtown Boston on Wednesday night to express their dissatisfaction with this week’s election results—namely, the election of Donald Trump as president.

Boylston Place crane to be disassembled

After more than half a year in its shadow, Emerson will say goodbye to the towering crane—named “Ucrane Bolt” by students—at the 2 Boylston Place construction site.

Global summit draws international academics

Distinguished journalist-in-residence Carole Simpson opened the second Global Summit on politics, sports, and civic engagement in a “State of the Race” address in which she said the American electorate had entered the Twilight Zone.


Masked men scare students

At least two people wearing costume masks were sighted on Boylston Street on Wednesday night.


Little Building residents evacuated following alarm

“It basically just smelled like a microwave had blown up,” said Shelby Renjifo, a sophomore visual and media arts major was on the floor.


Alumnus talks political organizing at VP debate

Fleury, who graduated in 2009, began his fundraising career in fall 2007 when he was a junior political communications major.

Libertarian VP candidate visits college

Hours after Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson stumbled through a question about Aleppo—a gaffe that drew national attention—his running mate William Weld defended him in a scheduled Q&A on campus with reporters and Emerson College students.