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Jodie Foster talks about her new film

With two Oscars and an acting career spanning over forty years, one might think that Jodie Foster’s third directorial offering, The Beaver, would be among

An Interview with Michelle Cheever

to talk about epigraphs, bisexuality, and Miranda July. Doug Paul Case: How did you pick the collection’s title? Is there a story behind it? Michelle

Stop, collaborate and listen!

The Beacon stopped random Emerson students on the street and asked them to click through the “shuffle songs” section of their iPod… in essence, to

Faculty Profile: David Krasner

While the Yale University export hopes to bring his past experiences – along with a little bit of Ivy League cred – into the performing

No lip service for new Zach Braff dramedy

It is most definitely not. A well-directed film with (mostly) believable characters, The Last Kiss mixes humorous elements (sometimes unintentional) with a serious dramatic side

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