Financial Advisory Board removes policy to avoid bias

Financial Advisory Board removes policy to avoid bias

By Rice Foster

The Financial Advisory Board unanimously voted to approve new bylaw amendments which included a decision to remove a policy that allowed for bias when reviewing an organization’s budgets.

The policy, called leveling, allowed the Student Government Association to set an organization’s budget at the same amount it received last year. Executive Treasurer Ian Mandt said this usually occurred when they awarded organizations less than the previous year.

Mandt said he voted to remove leveling because it was subjective.

“We want to eliminate as many things that allow personal perspective to become part of the decision,” Mandt said. “My concern with ‘the more options we give ourselves the better’ is the more space that leaves for bias in a review.”

During the meeting, some board members discussed keeping leveling only when they found it absolutely necessary. SGA would discourage leveling and use it sparingly, however, it could still remain as an option for FAB.

“I think the more options we give ourselves, the better,” Class of 2019 Representative Joseph Miranda said.

Financial Advisory Board meets every Thursday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the SGA office located in the Campus Center. The meeting is open to the public.