Four elevator malfunctions, several ongoing investigations


Photo: Beacon Archives

An ECPD patrol vehicle.

By Beacon Staff

The Emerson College Police Department provides the Incident Journal to The Beacon every week. Beacon staff edit the Incident Journal for style and clarity but not for content.

Monday, Feb. 24

The ECPD assisted an outside law enforcement agency with suspicious posts left on social media.

The ECPD and Facilities Management freed two students who were trapped inside a Walker Building elevator. 

Tuesday, Feb. 25

While responding to an alarm in the Barnes & Noble at Emerson College, ECPD discovered an unknown male who was stealing clothing and then fled the store. The ECPD are working on identifying the individual. 

Wednesday, Feb. 26

The ECPD began investigating a suspicious person that has been seen frequently at the Equipment Distribution Center.

A student reported being assaulted by an unknown female while walking on Tremont Street in the vicinity of Little Building. The student was not injured during the incident.

Thursday, Feb. 27

An elevator contractor freed a student who was stuck in a 2 Boylston Place residence hall elevator. 

An ECPD officer and the College’s contractor investigated a malfunctioning elevator. There were no individuals within the elevator while it was being inspected. 

Friday, Feb. 28

A piece of contractor equipment damaged a student’s bicycle that was parked inside the bike room.

A student reported being harassed on social media.  

Saturday, Feb. 29

Office of Housing and Residential Education staff turned over drug paraphernalia found during a room inspection to the ECPD.

Contractors freed a student from a Walker building elevator that was stuck on the second floor. 

A Resident Assistant confiscated a small knife that was found during a room inspection in the Little Building. 

OHRE staff confiscated cannabis from a student’s Little Building dorm which they turned over to the ECPD.

OHRE turned over drug paraphernalia to the ECPD after they confiscated it from a student suite in the Paramount Center Residence Hall. 

A Residence Director turned over drug paraphernalia to the ECPD, which they found inside the Colonial Building.

An officer on patrol found that the front doors to the Union Bank Building were unsecured. The officer surveyed the building and secured the entrance afterward. 

Sunday, March 1

A student reported being a victim of a phone scam. 

Wednesday, March 4

A student reported the theft of personal property that had been left unattended in a Little Building common area. 

OHRE staff turned over drug paraphernalia to the ECPD that was found inside a Piano Row suite.

Thursday, March 5

OHRE turned over student-owned drug paraphernalia found in the Paramount Center Residence Hall to the ECPD. 

A staff person reported the theft of college property within the EDC. 

Friday, March 6

OHRE turned over drug paraphernalia to the ECPD found inside a 2 Boylston Place residence hall suite. 

OHRE staff confiscated a student’s fraudulent driver’s license found in the Piano Row residence hall and turned it over to the ECPD.

An officer witnessed an object fall from an open window at 2 Boylston Place. The officer found the individual and they apologized, explaining that the camera piece fell accidentally as they were opening their window. No one was injured by the object.

The ECPD and Boston Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at Little Building. ECPD determined the cause of the alarm to be burnt food. There was no actual fire to report.

Sunday, March 8

ECPD officers assisted WesCon Security in removing a person who had refused to leave the Ansin Building.