Incident Journal: Student ‘harassed’ by local business on social media


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An ECPD patrol vehicle.

The Emerson College Police Department provides the Incident Journal to The Beacon every week. Beacon staff edit the Incident Journal for style and clarity, but not for content.

Monday, September 28 

A student was caught using another student’s Emerson ID attempting to gain access to the Colonial Residence Hall. The matter was turned over to community standards for discipline.

A student reported their cell phone stolen after accidentally leaving it on Boston Common.

Tuesday, September 29

A pedestrian notified an ECPD officer of a discarded syringe and needle on the sidewalk. The officer safely disposed of the hazardous material.

Thursday, October 1 

An officer on patrol found two people trespassing in the rear of Piano Row who were identified and issued trespass warnings.

A student reported their cell phone stolen from inside the Little Building.

Boston Police requested video related to a hit and run incident at the corner of Boylston Street and Charles Street in which a pedestrian was seriously injured.

Friday, October 2

An officer discovered anti-police messaging inside the Bike Room. A person has been identified in relation to the incident and the matter has been given to Community Standards.

OHRE staff, W-Hotel Security, and ECPD investigated a report of a marijuana smell emanating from a student room.

OHRE staff turned over confiscated drug paraphernalia taken from a student’s suite inside Piano Row.

Saturday, October 3

ECPD investigated a report of students flying a drone on Boston Common.

Monday, October 5

An officer discovered a fraudulent ID in a student’s wallet while inventorying the lost and found. The issue was given to community standards for discipline.  

Tuesday, October 6

A student reported a local business harassing them on social media.  The business has been contacted and told to stop.

A student reported being assaulted in the Boylston Place Alley.  The student was not injured.  

Wednesday, October 7

An officer discovered graffiti written in a handicap bathroom in the Paramount Center.  Facilities Management was notified for removal.

ECPD officers discovered a student with drugs and drug paraphernalia while investigating a report of smoke.  The contraband was confiscated and the matter was given to community standards.

Thursday, October 8

A student reported that items were stolen from their bicycle while having it locked at the bike rack adjacent to the Ansin Building.  

Friday, October 9

ECPD investigated a report of a person trapped inside an elevator inside the Ansin Building but were unable to find the person and the elevators seemed to be working normally.  Facilities Management was notified.