Minor fire in Center Stage, no injuries


Firefighters on scene after reports of fire in Center Stage. Photo: Chris Van Buskirk // Berkeley Beacon

By Chris Van Buskirk, Contributing Reporter

Center Stage faced minor water damage after a fire started in Whiskey Saigon and transferred to the cafe. The nightclub also sustained minor damage to it’s exterior walls. The Dining Center will reopen on time tomorrow morning for breakfast and no injuries were reported. 

The fire was reported to Emerson College Police Department at 6:35 p.m. and Boston Fire Department responded ten minutes later.

Other dining centers, such as the Max Cafe and Paramount Cafe will remain open tonight as scheduled.

Center Stage was filled with smoke as firefighters paced back and forth from a utility closet to the Dining Center carrying hoses and equipment. Puddles of water were left on the floor.

Neither Sodexo staff, ECPD, or administrators currently know how the fire started.

The dining hall remains closed as of Monday night for cleanup crews clearing water from Center Stage left by hoses the fire department used to put out the fire. The fire sprinklers were not activated in the Dining Center or in the Walker Building.

Sophomore Raven Devanney said her friend pulled up a livestream of the incident while she sat in class on the sixth floor of Walker.

“The building wasn’t evacuated,” Devanney said. “Then we had a break in class, and we went to the bathroom and there were firefighters walking around the floor.