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Photo: Lucia Thorne

10 ways to spend your Spring break (without excessive travel)

By Maeve Lawler, Kasteel Well Bureau Chief
March 2, 2022

As Spring Break fast approaches, whether you are returning home, staying on campus, or taking a trip, this week is a time to replenish and have fun. With that being said, here’s a list of 10 ways to...

A photo of Carolyn Freyer-Jones 88.

Alum finishes and publishes late friend’s book

By Sophia Pargas, Living Arts Editor
November 18, 2021

An Emerson alum released her debut book, What If This Is The Fun Part? for purchase on Amazon Wednesday. The book, originally started by the author’s best friend about life coaching, is now a story about...

Shaukat Ajmeri’s ‘Keepers of the Faith’ illustrates the realities of love and life

Shaukat Ajmeri’s ‘Keepers of the Faith’ illustrates the realities of love and life

By Mariyam Quaisar, Editor In Chief
April 21, 2021

“Keepers of the Faith,” published last April and written by author Shaukat Ajmeri, tells the tale of two Bohri Muslims, set in India and the United States. Mixing elements of history, sociology, romance,...

Margot Wood 08, author of Fresh

Margot Wood ’08 to release debut novel ‘Fresh’, takes place at Emerson

By Shawna Konieczny, Staff Writer
February 25, 2021

Margot Wood ‘08 spent years working in the publishing industry after graduation, and now her debut novel set at Emerson College, Fresh, is set to be published in August.  Wood’s new novel, which...

Katie Lacadie, a senior writing literature and publishing major, was one of two students to have their manuscript selected by Undergraduate Students for Publishing. Her manuscript, along with senior Clarah Grossmans, will be published in December of this year.

Pub Club announces semesterly student manuscript winners

By Karissa Schaefer, Staff Writer, Living Arts
October 28, 2020

Come December, Emerson students will be able to read about a medieval woman who fights societal constraints in the name of friendship and a love story in reverse—each written by fellow students handpicked...

Katie Redefer - Graphic by Ally Rzesa / Beacon Staff

Boomers 1, Gen Z 0

By Katie Redefer, Staff Writer
November 13, 2019

As an elementary school student, I was that kid who got yelled at by the teacher for reading in the back of the classroom. With my nose tucked into The Lightning Thief or Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s...

Gary Grossman 70 worked at WECB during his time at Emerson, he will return on March 25 for a book signing. - Courtesy of Gary Grossman

Emmy-winning alumnus discusses new thriller novel

By Melanie Curry
March 24, 2019

Gary Grossman said he was never going to write again when he graduated from Emerson in 1970. A few years later, Grossman, a professor at the time in the Interdisciplinary program, wrote an article for...

Patrick Groleaus Beautiful Homeland: Planet Earth is about scientists returning to a post-apocolyptic Earth. Photo by

Genre fiction receives spotlight in Pub Club books

By Ian Sloan
April 23, 2018

Science fiction and fantasy fill the pages of two books published this semester by Undergraduate Students for Publishing. Wandering and Other Stories by Melissa Close and Beautiful Homeland: Mother...

Charlesgate Confidential will be released on Sept. 18. Photo courtesy of Scott Von Doviak.

Beacon alum draws up art heist mystery

By Ally Rzesa
April 4, 2018

On March 17, 1990, art thieves slashed 13 paintings from the walls of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Although the paintings were never recovered, Scott Von Doviak ‘89 wrote a novel about a...

States of the Union is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the Emerson College Bookstore. Photo: Courtesy of Michaela Papa.

Alumni anthology records election impressions

By Ally Rzesa
February 8, 2018

People processed the 2016 election differently—some took selfies with cardboard cut-outs of Donald Trump, while others took to the streets chanting, “Not my President.” Michaela Papa ‘15 gathered...

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