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Junior Caroline King is the advocacy director for Generation Citizen: Emerson College.
Abby Noyes / Beacon Staff

Generation Citizen mobilizes high schoolers

By Ian Sloan
October 18, 2018

The organization Generation Citizen: Emerson College uses the energy of recent civic actions like March For Our Lives to teach energized students of Charlestown High School about their government and...

AutonomoUs artist collective to highlight resilience

AutonomoUs artist collective to highlight resilience

By Ian Sloan
September 6, 2018

Cindy Luu ‘17 realized what it meant to be a survivor from a young age. The writing, literature and publishing major wrote her senior thesis, How Do You Love, as a collection of short essays explaining...

Patrick Groleaus Beautiful Homeland: Planet Earth is about scientists returning to a post-apocolyptic Earth. Photo by

Genre fiction receives spotlight in Pub Club books

By Ian Sloan
April 23, 2018

Science fiction and fantasy fill the pages of two books published this semester by Undergraduate Students for Publishing. Wandering and Other Stories by Melissa Close and Beautiful Homeland: Mother...

Jacob Falberg (left), Will Wisnieski, Stefan Linhares, Tyler Mashkoori, and Nick Pucci (right) started EmDocs to combine journalism and film. Photo by Cassandra Martinez.

Emerson Documentaries to discover ‘Hidden Gems’

By Ian Sloan
April 17, 2018

When sophomore Jacob Falberg realized that no organization on campus focused on documentary filmmaking, he decided to start Emerson Documentaries. “If you check all of the crew call posters that are...

Andy Laubs documentary Gladesmen: The Last of the Sawgrass Cowboys won at the 2017 Miami Film Festival. Photo courtesy of Andy Laub.

Miami Film Festival winner documents life as it happens

By Ian Sloan
March 29, 2018

After hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2011, Andy Laub ‘09 knew he wanted to show others the beauty that he saw in nature. He has created feature-film documentaries of countless trails, national parks,...

Kevin Bright, the former executive producer of the sitcom Friends will be on campus for the 25th anniversary of the show. / Beacon Archive

Kevin Bright ’76 premieres new production company

By Ian Sloan
February 22, 2018

After executive-producing Friends for ten years, Kevin Bright ‘76 is telling stories in a whole new way. Leaving Central Park and the sitcom world behind, Bright recently launched an LA-based documentary-production...

Boston has many fun things to do for Valentines Day. Illustration: Laura King / Beacon Staff

Fall in love with these sweet suggestions for Valentine’s Day

By Ian Sloan
February 8, 2018

Valentine’s Day arrives this Wednesday, and there are plenty of fun events in the Boston area to partake in with or without a significant other: 1) Xs and Os (with an Emphasis on the Ex’s) Wednesday,...

Mike Zahars photographs of MAX have been featured by Billboard and iHeart Radio. Photo: Courtesy of Mike Zahar / Berkeley Beacon

“Lights Down Low” singer recruits student photographer

By Ian Sloan
January 25, 2018

Young artists may fantasize about seeing their work featured in magazines and concert promotions, but junior visual and media arts major Mike Zahar knows the feeling well. His portraits of alternative...

After ELA, Ellory Smith created a comedy show to benefit local charities.
Courtesy of Ellory Smith

“Funnilingus” combines comedy and awareness in Hollywood

By Ian Sloan
January 18, 2018

When visual and media arts major Ellory Smith decided to stay in Los Angeles after attending ELA senior year, she wanted to take on the lack of diversity in her field while landing punch lines. So, Smith...

Artful Comics’ executive board includes Gabriella Saavedra, Nic Sugrue, Bia Bauzys, and Rachael Marks.

Students lead comic book club’s comeback

By Ian Sloan
October 25, 2017

After a two-year hiatus, Artful Comics’ print publication is making a comeback. The organization’s executive board, headed by president Rachael Marks, is reviving the organization this semester. “We...

Writer-director Jim Cummings stars as police officer Jimmy Arnaud in his award-winning short film Thunder Road. He raised funds on Kickstarter to turn it into a feature film of the same name.
Courtesy of Jim Cummings

Alum’s Sundance short to become feature film

By Ian Sloan
September 27, 2017

Jim Cummings’ ‘09 Thunder Road began as lines of dialogue recorded on the Voice Memos app during his daily commute. Last year, it won the Short Film Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival, and...

Casey Piscura is a documentary subject and a seedsman for Wild Mountain Seeds.
Courtesy of Tomas Zuccareno

Alumna’s documentary supports local food

By Ian Sloan
September 20, 2017

Bite into an apple from the closest grocery store and it has probably travelled hundreds of miles in the days since it was picked. Haley Thompson ‘04 believes food can be grown much closer to home. Last...

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