Incident Journal


Beacon Archive.

The Emerson College Police Department provides the Incident Journal to the Beacon every week. Beacon staff edit the Incident Journal for style and clarity but not for content.

Monday, Jan. 28

Emerson College Police Department and the Boston Fire Department responded to a fire alarm in the Piano Row residence hall. Burnt food inside a microwave caused the alarm.

A student reported having their cellular phone stolen from a classroom in the Walker Building.

Tuesday, Jan. 29

A security officer working inside the Union Bank Building reported that a person who did not have access to the building walked past security. ECPD identified the individual, but they had already left the premises.

A student reported leaving their laptop in a classroom inside of the Ansin Building.  

Wednesday, Jan. 30

An ECPD officer found vandalism outside of the Cutler Majestic Theatre.  

Thursday, Jan. 31

A staff member turned over a fraudulent South Carolina driver’s license found in the Piano Row residence hall to ECPD. ECPD confiscated and destroyed the fake license.

Friday, Feb. 1

ECPD investigated an alarm in the 12 Hemenway residence hall. The investigation did not reveal a cause for the fire alarm. ECPD reset the fire system.

ECPD was called to investigate a loud party coming from a student suite in the Colonial residence hall.  

ECPD investigated a report from a student who was a victim of fraud and deceit.

Saturday, Feb. 2

ECPD investigated a report of a dog barking inside the Colonial residence hall. The dog belonged to a staff member.