Incident Journal: student, faculty member trapped in elevators


Beacon Archive.

The Emerson College Police Department provides the Incident Journal to The Beacon every week. Beacon staff edits the Incident Journal for style and clarity but not for content.


Monday, Nov. 11

ECPD responded to a student trapped in an elevator in the Walker Building. An officer on the scene was able to give direction to the student who opened the elevator doors.  

Tuesday, Nov. 12

An officer noticed graffiti written in green marker on a hand dryer in the Ansin Building and notified Facilities Management for removal. 

Friday, Nov. 15 

An officer patrolling the interior of the Paramount Centre found a man sleeping. The man was an overnight contracted cleaner who had fallen asleep. The person was asked to leave and the Facilities Management Department was notified. 

Saturday, Nov. 16

A staff person reported to ECPD an incoherent person with no college affiliation attempted to get past the desk attendant at the Paramount Center.  The person was turned away and left the building.

Sunday, Nov. 17

ECPD and Facilities Management responded to the Little Building for a staff member who was trapped inside an elevator.  An elevator contractor had to be called when Facilities Management was unable to open the elevator doors. The staff member was freed upon the elevator company’s arrival.  

A student living in the Little Building reported offensive language written on their residential whiteboard.