Incident Journal: Ansin sign vandalized, student caught shoplifting


Beacon Archive.

The Emerson College Police Department provides the Incident Journal to The Beacon every week. Beacon staff edit the Incident Journal for style and clarity but not for content.

Tuesday, Oct. 1

ECPD and the Boston Fire Department investigated a fire alarm in the Little Building. Officers determined that construction work in the basement of the building caused the alarm. There were no fire and no injuries to report.

ECPD and Facilities Management responded to four students who were stuck inside an elevator in the Walker Building. Facilities were able to free the students within a few minutes. No students were injured.

Wednesday, Oct. 2 

ECPD plans to pursue charges against a suspect who damaged a no trespassing sign attached to the Ansin Building.

An ECPD officer confiscated drug paraphernalia from a student suite in the Piano Row residence hall.

ECPD is investigating a report of clothing stolen from the Piano Row residence hall laundry room. 

Saturday, Oct. 5

A student reported to the ECPD and BFD a possible fire at the 2 Boylston Place residence hall. An investigation revealed that the student saw steam from their dorm room window and mistakenly thought it to be smoke coming from the building. There was no fire to report.

A retail store inside the Prudential Center notified ECPD that they had caught a student shoplifting.  

Sunday, Oct. 6 

The Office of Housing and Residential Education confiscated drug paraphernalia from a student suite in the Colonial residence hall.