Incident Journal: Elevators trap 16 students in two weeks


Beacon Archive.

The Emerson College Police Department provides the Incident Journal to the Beacon every week. Beacon staff edit the Incident Journal for style and clarity but not for content


Tuesday, Nov. 26 

ECPD investigated a report of a possible altercation inside Boylston Place Alley.  

Wednesday, Nov. 27

Office of Housing & Residential Education staff confiscated drug paraphernalia from several student living areas on campus.  The paraphernalia was turned over to ECPD for destruction.

Friday, Nov. 29

An officer on patrol found a hypodermic needle on the sidewalk outside of the Walker Building.  The needle was removed from the scene and properly disposed of.

Saturday, Nov. 30

ECPD and Facilities Management responded to the Tufte Building for three community members trapped inside an elevator.  ECPD freed the community members without incident.

Monday, Dec. 2

A staff reported that someone vandalized their office door in the Ansin Building.  

Tuesday, Dec. 3

A security officer reported to ECPD that a community member informed them that they were temporarily stuck inside an elevator in the Tufte Building.  ECPD notified Facilities Management to have the elevator inspected.

A student reported to ECPD that they were a victim of a possible phone scam.

Wednesday, Dec. 4

ECPD freed two students without injury from a stuck elevator inside the Walker Building. 

An officer reported finding graffiti written on the Somerville Scene Shop’s exterior door.  Facilities Management was notified for removal.

ECPD are investigating a staff member’s report of receiving online harassing emails.

ECPD removed a person who was trespassing on campus from the sidewalk outside of the Walker Building.

Thursday, Dec. 5

OHRE turned over cannabis and drug paraphernalia confiscated from a student suite.

ECPD and Facilities Management responded to the Little Building for nine students trapped inside an elevator. The students were freed without incident.

Sunday, Dec. 8

OHRE turned over cannabis and drug paraphernalia taken from a student residence.