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Emerson College’s only independent, student-run newspaper since 1947

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Emerson College’s only independent, student-run newspaper since 1947

The Berkeley Beacon

The madness over McCarthy could help the Democrats in 2024

The madness over McCarthy could help the Democrats in 2024

By Meg Richards, Staff Writer / January 25, 2023

After a week of humiliating deliberations, phone calls to “DT”, and a near-miss physical altercation on the House floor, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)...

President-elect Joe Biden holding a toddler Pete Wentz beside his mother, Dale Wentz. The 41-year-old Fall Out Boy lyricist and bassist is best known for his impact on the emo music genre.

Emo Never Dies: How Joe Biden helped kickstart the emo music genre

By Kaitlyn Fehr, Chief Copyeditor / November 18, 2020

When I think of emo music, I used to think of Gerard Way, Patrick Stump, Brendon Urie, or Hayley Williams. After the 2020 presidential election, I now...

Whether or not we like it or want it on our list of responsibilities, change falls in our hands—on the people. This is the time for us to continue to come together, address these issues, and make this country one.

Even now, the work is not over

By Editorial Board / November 10, 2020

And just like that, President Donald Trump’s reign is over. But the work for equity? For justice? For a better world? Far from done.  Around the...

Shawna Konieczny is a junior IDIP major from Medford, Wisconsin.

Why I am one of the voters that helped Wisconsin go blue

By Shawna Konieczny, Staff Writer / November 10, 2020

Four years ago, I had just turned seventeen. I was balancing the stress of school at Medford Area Senior High in Wisconsin, a social life, and the mental...

President-elect Joe Biden visits the cemetery where his son Beau, his wife Neilia, and daughter Naomi are buried.

Biden’s win is defined by his personal losses

By Dana Gerber, News Editor / November 9, 2020

On Election Day, before Joe Biden’s final stops on the campaign trail, he paid a stop to Greenville, Delaware. He attended Mass at Saint Joseph on the...

A child rides a scooter in the middle of hundreds of people celebrating the election of Joe Biden as president on the Boylston Street and Charles Street intersection on Nov. 7.

Biden’s victory is the beginning of an America people can be proud of

By Sabine Waldeck, Deputy Opinion Editor / November 9, 2020

Around four years ago, I became a citizen of these “United” States. I was reluctant to become a citizen because of the reputation Americans had cultivated...

President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris.

Optimism of uncertainty: What the Biden-Harris victory means for international students

By Jocelyn Yang, Opinion Editor / November 9, 2020

The whole world has been waiting for this victory — for four years.  As soon as The Associated Press called that Democratic nominee Joe Biden won...

President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris.

Biden, Trump issue contrasting statements following race call

By Charlie McKenna / November 7, 2020

Statements from former vice president Joe Biden and President Donald J. Trump struck strikingly different tones, following the Associated Press and several...

BPD and EMS respond to a situation involving a non-Emerson guest in the W hotel on Nov. 5

Guest emergency prompts W hotel lockdown

By Andrew Brinker, Senior Investigative Reporter / November 5, 2020

Boston Police and EMS responded to an emergency incident at the W Hotel involving a non-Emerson guest on the 14th floor Thursday night. A man could...

Two attendees listen to the Count Every Vote rally at Boston Common on Wednesday.

Six ways to keep up civic engagement past the presidential election

By Editorial Board / November 5, 2020

The election may be over, but our job as students, citizens, and politically engaged people is not. In fact, voting during a presidential election year...

Hundreds of protestors listen to leaders outside the Boston Public Library Wednesday night in preparation for the presidential Election result.

Peaceful Boston demonstrations condemn Trump efforts against vote counting

By Andrew Brinker and Camilo Fonseca / November 5, 2020

Just one day removed from the culmination of a historically divisive presidential campaign cycle, demonstrators took to the streets of Boston, demanding...

Standing at the intersection at this historic moment, I feel like I cant pursue my future plan the way I wanted.

As an international student, watching this election sparks fear

By Jocelyn Yang, Opinion Editor / November 4, 2020

Tags related to America have only trended once a while on the Chinese Twitter-like social media platform Weibo since the pandemic began. I remember seeing...

The outside of City Smoke Shop in Downtown Crossing is boarded up.

Emerson, Boston brace for potential civil unrest as election picture clarifies

By Andrew Brinker, Senior Investigative Reporter / November 4, 2020

A purple sunset settled over Boston early Tuesday evening. The streets, bustling with people in the afternoon, thinned out, as rays of golden light spilled...

I want to believe that the U.S. is better than that. Better than choosing someone who has continuously shown a lack of empathy and basic human decency. However, I thought that last time. I thought we the people were a united front, not a group that would let ourselves be divided by bigotry and hatred. 

Opinion: How will we cope with another Trump win?

By Sabine Waldeck, Deputy Opinion Editor / November 4, 2020

My stomach has been in knots all day. I have already gotten into multiple arguments with my family members and peers regarding the presidential election....

A sign point to a polling place in Boston City Hall on Election Day Nov. 3

Stressed about the election? Here are some resources that can help

By Lucia Thorne, Assistant Lifestyle Editor / November 3, 2020

There’s a reason why Google posted a breathing exercise video to its Twitter account.  As the end of Election Day nears, political anxiety is much...

A polling place at City Hall on Election Day Nov. 3, 2020.

Voting initiatives, mail-in experiences, and a new Supreme Court justice: Election Day on campus

By Drew Ascione, Maximo Aguilar Lawlor and Sophia Boyce / November 3, 2020

In today's special election edition of The 172 Review, host Drew Ascione sat down with Beacon reporter Camilo Fonseca to talk about student...

Students protest Donald Trumps election in 2016.

Professors recall ‘grim’ days on campus after 2016 election

By Charlie McKenna and Dana Gerber / November 3, 2020

Mark Leccese never opened his briefcase for class on Nov. 9, 2016. That day—just after Donald Trump’s election to the U.S. presidency in 2016—a...

Known on his profile for his butterfly clips and bicycle, Hand makes his followers laugh with mainly comedy content.

Two students front @tiktokforbiden ahead of Election Day

By Shawna Konieczny, Staff Writer / October 28, 2020

Sophomore Austin Hand used his half a million TikTok followers to help establish TikTokers For Biden, an account rallying young voters behind Democratic...

Searching for a resemblance between 2016 polls and the current moment isn’t an effective way to determine who is ahead in this race. After the public outrage from the first presidential debate, we need to compare how they are different and why that matters.

2020 is not 2016. Here’s why that matters

By Shannon Garrido, Editor-in-chief / October 13, 2020

Donald Trump supporters and Democrats have one similar perception of this year’s election: that it will follow in the steps of 2016.  Though it appears...

President Joe Biden

Navigating the U.S. election season as an international student

By Jocelyn Yang, Opinion Editor / October 6, 2020

“How’s the U.S. election vibe? Who do you think will win? Does any candidate pose policies that hurt China or international students?" I received this...