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The Toxicity of Girlbossing

The Toxicity of Girlbossing

By Sabine Waldeck, Deputy Opinion Editor
January 26, 2022

Let’s discuss the nauseating term put forth by millennials: “Girlbossing.” People started praising the all-mighty girlboss in the early 2000s, ala The Devil Wears Prada.  However, at that time...

Still from Macbeth In Stride, playing at Loeb Drama Center.

New musical ‘Macbeth in Stride’ critiques Shakespearean sexism

By Mariyam Quaisar, Editor In Chief
November 4, 2021

A new musical from Obie Award winner Whitney White running in Boston examines what it means to be an ambitious, contemporary Black woman using the themes and characters of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy,...

Thousands rallied in Boston for abortion right.

Emerson students rally together at Boston Women’s March

By Bailey Allen, Abigail Lee, and Hannah Nguyen
October 9, 2021

Thousands of people––college students and Boston residents alike––rallied at Franklin Park Playstead in Dorchester on Oct. 2, protesting the Supreme Court’s rejection of an emergency request...

Actress Sadaf Asgari

Oscar qualified short film “EXAM” written and directed by alum Sonia K. Hadad

By Mariyam Quaisar, Editor In Chief
January 26, 2021

The short film “EXAM,” created by writer and director Sonia K. Hadad ‘17, qualified for an Oscar on top of 33 other awards it’s received since the film’s release in 2019.  Among the 33 awards...

Graphic by Ally Rzesa - Berkeley Beacon Staff

Events on campus: March 24 – 29

By Katiana Hoefle
March 24, 2019

Many students and organizations host events at Emerson and broadcast them on EmConnect’s event page and fliers on bulletin boards around campus. The Beacon’s Living Arts section went through the events...

Suzie Hicks combines science, feminism, and comedy in her new EIV show. Photo by Cullen Granzn.

‘Science Chick’ experiments with science and comedy

By Ally Rzesa
April 11, 2018

On her Bumble dating profile, senior Suzie Hicks described herself as a female Bill Nye the Science Guy while she worked at the New England Aquarium last summer. Her friend suggested she change the...

Style Column: Giving credit is always in season

Style Column: Giving credit is always in season

By Grace Griffin, Copy Editor
April 4, 2018

On the red carpet, it is common that women are asked about their clothes more often than men. Yet recently, many female celebrities are combating this. For example, in 2014, Cate Blanchett called out...

We must hold ourselves to higher standards in the classroom as we do when we protest inequality in the streets of Boston. Photo Illustration: Cassandra Martinez/Beacon Staff

Make classroom conversations as inclusive as our protests

By Kayla LaRosa
March 1, 2018

Two weeks ago, my ethics class discussed a case in which Britney Spears tried to sue a popular tabloid magazine for defamation after they accused her of having a sex tape. The judge threw the case...

Rebecca Johnson is the marketing chair of Sigma Pi Theta, which will be holding its annual HerStory month this March. Photo: Brooke Northrup / Berkeley Beacon.

Sorority to celebrate month of femininity

By Natalie Busch
January 29, 2018

Rebecca Johnson, Sigma’s marketing chair, said HerStory is a gender-inclusive event open to anyone who identifies with the word femininity.   “Obviously [HerStory] itself is centered around...

Senior Erin Jean Hussey runs for a reason

Senior Erin Jean Hussey runs for a reason

By Grace Griffin, Copy Editor
January 24, 2018

First time marathon runner and senior Erin Jean Hussey will tread over 26 miles through the streets of Boston to raise money and awareness for survivors of domestic, sexual, and dating violence.   “In...

Style column: Body before bra

October 5, 2017

When I finally got my first bra, it was immediately uncomfortable and hard to wear. Upon clasping it together, I asked my mom if this was how they always feel, or if it was only because it was my first...

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