FAB approves appeals from AEPhi and Commissioners Council


By Diana Bravo, Assistant News Editor

The Financial Advisory Board unanimously approved two appeals totaling $14,607 to Alpha Epsilon Phi and the Commissioners Council for upcoming events at their Nov. 13 meeting.

AEPhi appealed for $13,974.07 to fund the annual Ribbons on the Runway fashion show. The sorority provided $750 of its own money to help fund the event per national organizational requirements. 

“[AEPhi’s] Ribbons on the Runway is a historic appeal so it’s always amazing to see them come through again,” Executive Vice President Will Palauskas said.  

AEPhi hosts the fashion show every spring semester to raise money for Sashereet, a nonprofit organization supporting Jewish women and families affected by breast cancer. 

“[Shashereet] have been around for a very long time and they’re a wonderful organization… so we do a lot throughout the year to help them but [Ribbons] is our major event,” Jenna Glazier, event vice president, said in the meeting. 

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The appeal is $4,472 less than the appeal from the prior year’s event, partially due to a change in venue. This year, AEPhi switched the event to the Revere hotel, which charges less than the Ritz Carlton where the event is typically held. During the spring 2019 semester FAB also approved an appeal from Ribbons for $2,500 to pay for equipment, including a projector. 

Because the appeal is for more than $5,000, joint session will vote on final approval for the matter in their meeting Thursday. 

The approval came after FAB delayed the vote last week due to a lack of voting members at their scheduled meeting.

FAB also approved a $630 appeal from the commissioners council for LGBTQ+ Commissioner Lily Fitzherbert to hire a speaker to come to an informational session on allyship. 

The appeals account currently holds $201,160. Should the AEPhi appeal pass joint session, the account will hold $187,626.