Incident Journal: 4 elevator trappings, no fun for Norman


Photo: Beacon Archives

An ECPD patrol vehicle.

By Jacob Seitz, Staff Writer

Monday, Feb. 17

ECPD confiscated drug paraphernalia from a student suite in the Paramount Center Residence Hall.

ECPD assisted a student who was trapped inside an elevator at Piano Row.

ECPD and Boston Fire responded to the Little Building for a fire alarm. The cause of the alarm was determined to be burnt food.

Tuesday, Feb. 18

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ECPD and Facilities Management responded to a student who was stuck inside an elevator on the 8th floor of the Little Building. The student was freed after the elevator was reset by the College’s elevator contractor.

Wednesday, Feb. 19

A faculty member reported damage to a department painting in the Walker Building. The damage appears to have been accidental in nature.

Thursday, Feb. 20

ECPD and Facilities Management freed a student who had been stuck inside an elevator inside the Walker Building.

Officers were able to free two students who were trapped inside an elevator in the Tufte Building.

Saturday, Feb. 22

An officer on patrol observed that someone had decorated the Norman Lear statue inside the Boylston Place Alley with a puppet head of a dog. The statue was not damaged and the officer removed the decoration.

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