Incident Journal: Students followed on MBTA


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An ECPD patrol vehicle.

The Emerson College Police Department provides the Incident Journal to The Beacon every week. Beacon staff edit the Incident Journal for style and clarity, but not for content.

Monday, October 19

ECPD and Boston Fire investigated a fire alarm in the Little Building. The cause of the alarm was determined to be burnt food that a student was cooking.  

Two students reported being followed by an unknown person while walking in the city and riding the MBTA. ECPD is working on trying to identify a suspect.

Tuesday, October 20

A student was caught using another student’s College ID in an attempt to enter the Little Building.  The matter was given to Community Standards for any possible discipline.

Wednesday, October 21

An unknown person entered the Union Bank building and harassed the security officer before leaving the premises. 

Saturday, October 24

ECPD assisted the drivers involved in a motor vehicle accident that occurred outside of the Little Building—no injuries were reported.