Vandalism strikes Piano Row for the second time


Photo: Rachel Culver

The Piano Row bulletin board that was the subject of vandalism remained bare as of Wednesday night.

By Jacob Seitz, Staff Writer

A bulletin board on the 13th floor of Piano Row celebrating Black History Month was vandalized on Feb. 9, according to an email from Residence Director Shen de Leon.

The board was defaced with derogatory remarks about former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama, according to the email.

“Let us reiterate that there is no place for hatred and bias remarks or actions in our community, and we collectively embolden those with any information regarding the incident to step forward to any Resident Assistant or Residence Director,” he wrote in the email.

De Leon said the board was taken down and there is no information about the perpetrator.

Four weeks ago, the college found swastikas “scrawled” in a stairwell in Piano Row and derogatory graffiti on the doors of students in the Little Building.

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News Editor Belen Dumont did not edit this story because she is an RA in the building. 

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