FAB grants Active Minds appeal to attend national conference

FAB grants Active Minds appeal to attend national conference

By Diana Bravo, Assistant News Editor

The Student Government Association’s Financial Advisory Board granted $2,064 to the college’s chapter of Active Minds at their Jan. 24 meeting.

FAB unanimously voted to provide funds for the organization to attend the national Active Minds conference in Washington, D.C in late March. Treasurer Gwen Plotner said Active Minds did not include money for the trip in their annual budget because they were uncertain whether a conference would occur this year.

“Going to the conference will be able to help us provide more information to students than we already have,” Active Minds President Emilia Filippone said at the meeting.

According to their website, Active Minds is a 15-year-old, nonprofit network of college and high school chapters focusing on destigmatizing mental health conversations.

At the same meeting, FAB scheduled to deliberate annual budget requests at their Jan. 31 meeting. The board began to draft during the meeting new criteria for granting yearly budgets to organizations.

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Part of the new guidelines includes language changes to incorporate the new organization recognition process SGA approved on Jan. 22 and a new time limit for how long an organization must exist before obtaining funding.

Criteria deliberations will continue during the Jan. 31 meeting.