Incident Journal


Beacon Archive.

The Emerson College Police Department provides the Incident Journal to the Beacon every week. Beacon staff edit the Incident Journal for style and clarity, but not for content.

Wednesday, Dec. 12

ECPD investigated a report of two students trapped inside an elevator in the Piano Row residence hall. When the ECPD arrived, all elevators seemed to be running normally and there were no signs of entrapment.

Friday, Dec. 14

ECPD tried to assist a student who reported a missing wallet after the student shared a taxi with an unknown person.

Sunday, Dec. 16

An officer stopped an individual in Allen’s Alley from taking possibly abandoned property from inside the alley.

Tuesday, Dec. 18

ECPD and facilities management investigated a report of a burning scent inside the Tufte Performance and Production Center. ECPD determined a faulty wall heating system as the cause.

Thursday, Dec. 20

An officer found the front door to 148 Boylston St. ajar. ECPD secured the area and door after a complete search.

Friday, Dec. 28

An ECPD officer found a lost wallet on the 122 Boylston St. sidewalk. After reviewing video footage to identify the owner, the officer discovered that two individuals stole the wallet, took the money, and discarded the wallet on the sidewalk. ECPD is trying to identify the two individuals at this time.

Wednesday, Jan. 2

An ECPD officer found graffiti with blue paint on the side of 180 Tremont St. ECPD notified facilities management for removal.

An ECPD officer found an unsecured door to the Paramount Center. After a complete building check, the officer secured the door.

Wednesday, Jan. 9

A WesCon security officer reported to ECPD that an individual attempted to gain access into 180 Tremont St. When denied, the individual threatened the officer with violence. The person fled the area before ECPD’s arrival.

Saturday, Jan. 12

ECPD and FM investigated a report of a person trapped in an elevator in the Piano Row residence hall. The security officer told an ECPD officer that the trapped person exited the elevator and left the location. FM remained on scene to inspect the elevator.

ECPD investigated vandalism to the Norman Lear statue outside of the 2 Boylston Place residence hall. ECPD is attempting to identify the individual who wrote on the statue by using video footage.

Monday, Jan. 14

The Emerson shuttle driver noticed that the vehicle’s exhaust pipe was partly unattached. The van was repaired and put back in service.