College identifies two student suspects in LB vandalism incident

By Dana Gerber, News Editor

Emerson Police identified two students connected to derogatory vandalism found in Little Building on Jan. 26, according to a community-wide email sent Thursday.

The students, who were not revealed to the public, will be brought before the college’s disciplinary process in a timely manner. According to the college’s website, the disciplinary process can consist of either an administrative hearing or a conduct board hearing, both of which could result in sanctions—including suspension or expulsion—on the student.

The email also states the college is continuing to investigate the incident of swastikas being drawn in a Piano Row stairwell, which occurred less than a week before the Little Building vandalism. No suspects have been identified or announced for that incident.

Vice President and Dean of Campus Life Jim Hoppe declined to comment on the investigation, as it is an active student conduct case.

“In the wake of these two incidents, I am heartened by the many ways in which I have seen our community come together, drawing strength from each other and from the values we all hold dear,” Pelton wrote in the email.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.