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‘Science Chick’ experiments with science and comedy

Suzie Hicks combines science, feminism, and comedy in her new EIV show. Photo by Cullen Granzn.

By Ally Rzesa

April 12, 2018

On her Bumble dating profile, senior Suzie Hicks described herself as a female Bill Nye the Science Guy while she worked at the New England Aquarium last summer. Her friend suggested she change the description to Suzie Hicks the Science Chick, and her boss told her to make it a TV show. Hicks and ...

Colombian artists map their way through East Boston

Alejandro Ramírez, left, and Manuela Meneses, right, show their findings from South Fronteras, a Mobility Movilidad project in East Boston. Photo by Maya Gacina

By Maya Gacina

April 10, 2018

In the fifth Proyecto Boston Medellín exhibition, South Fronteras, artists unearthed maps, photographs, and stories of East Boston residents with similar traits—both are Colombian and living in areas prone to gentrification. In a two-week intensive project called Through Our Eyes, six student artists ...

Silent Disco caps off Autism Acceptance Week

The Silent Disco finished Autism Awareness Week, with students wearing individual headphones with adjustable volumes. Photo by Emily Mason.

By Emily Mason

April 9, 2018

Shaggy carpets, inflatable chairs, and blue string lights filled the Cabaret for a silent disco hosted on Friday night. Emerson students danced, sang, and ate—all while listening to music through individual, wireless headphones. Student Accessibility Services, Off-Campus Student Services, a...

Alumna dives into ‘entrepremermaid’ business

Linden Wolbert '03 created the Youtube channel Mermaid Minute to educate viewers on the ocean. Photo courtesy of Linden Wolbert.

By Natalie Busch

April 4, 2018

Linden Wolbert ‘03 quit her job in 2005, moved back in with her parents, and poured her time and money into a new career. Now, Wolbert makes a living as a mermaid. Wolbert, a self-proclaimed “ocean edutainer and entrepremermaid,” spent seven months and thousands of dollars to create her functional s...

Out of the Darkness walk illuminates suicide prevention

Katie Johnson (left) and Suzie Hicks (right) are co-chairs for Out of the Darkness. Photo by Justin Scott Johnson.

By Grace Griffin, Copy Editor

April 4, 2018

For the second year in a row, Emerson will join Northeastern University, Boston University, and other Boston schools in hosting an Out of the Darkness Campus Walk, organized by senior Suzie Hicks. This year, Hicks and a team of other students are hoping to make the walk a bigger, school-wide event...

Style Column: Giving credit is always in season

Style Column: Giving credit is always in season

By Grace Griffin, Copy Editor

April 4, 2018

On the red carpet, it is common that women are asked about their clothes more often than men. Yet recently, many female celebrities are combating this. For example, in 2014, Cate Blanchett called out an E! News cameraman at the Screen Actors Guild Awards for panning up and down her dress. At the Grammys the year after, Nicole Kidman refused to answer Ryan Seacrest when he aske...

More than half of Americans support marijuana legalization, says ECPS poll

This month, Emerson Polling Society has surveyed marijuana opinions nationwide. Photo courtesy of Nikolas Emack-Bazelais.

By Grace Griffin, Copy Editor

March 27, 2018

The Emerson Polling Society made a name for itself by receiving national attention for polling the 2016 presidential election. This month, their polling efforts are going toward collecting data on public perception of marijuana to see how legalization would affect trade in North America. “Althoug...

Students write for our lives to honor protest

Sarah Heidrick and Shelby Broughton recorded the names of over 2,000 shooting victims on orange construction paper. Photo: Ally Rzesa/The Berkeley Beacon.

By Ally Rzesa

March 25, 2018

The scratching sound of Sharpies on paper echoed from the 2 Boylston Place conference room for over eight hours on Friday, March 23. Freshman performing arts majors Sarah Heidrick and Shelby Broughton led a group of students to write the names, cities, and states on orange construction paper of ro...

Alum combats ‘heroin chic’ trend with style

Cathleen DaCosta debuted Heroin Is Not Chic at New York Fashion Week. Photo courtesy of Cathleen DaCosta.

By Emily Mason

March 22, 2018

In the late '90s, supermodel Kate Moss popularized “heroin chic,” a fashion style based around grunge. Today, Cathleen DaCosta ‘10 has repurposed the phrase, turning it from a glamorization of drug addiction into a slogan raising awareness for the opioid epidemic. At the 2016 New York Fashion Week, DaCosta l...

Dancing Gnome brews way into USA Today

Andrew Witchey's Dancing Gnome is nominated to become one of USA Today's best new breweries. Photo courtesy of Andrew Witchey.

By Ally Rzesa

March 20, 2018

Andrew Witchey ‘09 named his brewery the Dancing Gnome partially on a whim, and because the gnomes’ folklore described his business goals—the watchmen are dedicated to their jobs, but they also let loose. Now, the roughly 2-year-old brewery is in the running for USA Today 10 Best Readers’ ...

Students express concerns over ELA costs

Many students find trouble grappling with the extra costs at Emerson's Los Angeles campus. Photo from the Beacon archives.

By Ally Rzesa

March 15, 2018

Taylor William Weston ’17 used Uber for his hour-long commute between his internship and the Emerson Los Angeles campus.   “I negotiated in my interview that I would need to be compensated [for transportation] so if that didn’t happen, I would’ve paid hundreds of dollars just to go to w...

Fashion Society encourages students to say time’s up

Emerson Fashion Society is mobilizing students to wear black on March 15. Photo by Justin Scott Johnson.

By Annika Hom

March 14, 2018

After celebrities wore black at the 2018 Golden Globes and Oscars in solidarity with Time’s Up!—a movement seeking to eliminate sexism and sexual harassment in the workplace—Emerson Fashion Society is asking students to do the same. On March 15, EFS wants students to dress in all back to raise aw...